June 25, 2013

Emanuel Rimoldi is the Winner of the Top of the World Piano Competition 2013 in Tromso, Norway

Emanuel Rimoldi has won the Top of the World Piano Competition 2013 in Tromso, Norway. The 1st Prize Winner is for the third time in a row, an Italian. With the 1st prize, Emanuel Rimoldi also receives 30.000 Euro in cash. Altogether The Jury had a very hard decision to make, and ended up giving out two 2nd Prizes, each worth 15.000 Euros. The two finalists in 2nd place were Francois Dumont and Lukas Vondracek.

Emanuel Rimoldi was born in Milan in 1986 to a Rumanian mother and an Italian father, and has played the piano since he was five. He received his Bachelor’s Degree “Magna Cum Laude” in 2006 from “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory of Milan, and his Master’s Degree “Magna Cum Laude” in 2008 from the same institute. His teachers were Professors Risaliti and Balzani. At the same time as studying piano at the Milan Conservatory, Rimoldi also took courses in harpsichord and composition with Fabio Vacchi. He continued his education at the International Pianistic Accademy “I.C.M.” in Imola, Italy, under the maestroes Leonid Margarius and Boris Petrushansky.

Emanuel Rimoldi has also received masterclass from the likes of Vladimir Askenazy and William Grant Naboré, and has participated in pianistic pedagogic courses at the Musikhochschule of Munich. The latter inspired him to move on to Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Moscow, where he has been studying from 2009 until today. Here, he has been under the guidance of the famous concert pianist Elisso Virsaladze.

During the period of his Moscow studies, Emanuel participated in the 2011 edition of the international competition Ettore Pozzoli di Seregno, where he won the 3rd prize and two special recognitions, one of which was the Rotary Prize for the best recital of the semi-finals.

Rimoldi has collected lots of praise and unanimous acclaim from his concert activity in Italy and European capitals. In Moscow, he has made his name with a series of concerts, including a recital in the Malii Hall of the Conservatory, shared with Elisso Virsaladze, at the “Auditorium Verdi”. He’s also played at “Società dei Concerti” in Milan and at the Rome Opera performing one of his own works, at the Gasteig in Munich, again with one of his own compositions and a live radio broadcast for the ARD during the Kammermusikfestival.